"My intention is to move the viewer into another reality - into a reality beyond the non-representational world of abstract painting.  It is my desire to bring the viewer into an inviting place of familiarity and contemplation.  I achieve to accomplish this process with the intuitive application of geometric forms as the foundation on which amorphous objects and forms and defined spatial planes interact together.  Too, the rich surfaces of the paintings are saturated with infinite details involving delicate pigment washes and markings.

While creating, I am reminded of the birds-eye view of a piece of ground, or a landscape.  While I am  focused on a particular organic object that has caught my attention, I am aware it is completely  surrounded in the infinite details that make up the entire picture - the tiny rocks, flecks of minerals, botanical matter, and even the space between these objects.   It is in this interaction of these spatial planes and various elements that may create a sense of place.  It is my hope that the inspired imagery will evoke an emotional response to a place we have never seen, but yet we know somehow and find familiar. 

I feel that my paintings are rooted in the ephemera and substance of the natural world."

Rob Douglas, 1960-2017