I have been living in Mystic for the past ten years.  Mystic's history and beauty along with my wonderful childhood memories from Bangladesh inspire me. Nature inspires me – its power, its energy and its beauty.  Both where I live and where I am from influence my work.  The challenge is how to combine the two and create something harmonious, thoughtful and beautiful. 

My style is semi-abstract expressionism. It combines the beauty of the natural world with the expressive elements of abstraction.  I like this style because it gives me the freedom to add emotions, feelings and ideas to what I see and express them using meaningful lines, forms and colors.  I use bold strokes, bubbles and scribbles to represent the emotional activities of the psyche.  First I decide what the theme of the painting will be and then I create a visual illusion in my mind.  Next I paint the essence of what I visualize on the canvas.  

 Art is not only about beauty.  Art should make people think.  It is about communicating to an audience. I can't change the world, but maybe I can change one person at a time with my paintings.  I draw from both my current Western cultural environment and my South Asian culture of origin. I believe  my paintings, which combine elements from both cultures, will promote bridges and connections between all people.