Widely exhibited throughout Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia, Sunil Howlader’s award winning artistry is unmatched in his native Bangladesh. Howlader has won many international awards including the Winter Olympic Painting Exhibition award in Japan and the UNICEF Netherlands award, as well as many awards in America. He holds a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Dhaka and was an International artist in residence at the Griffis Art Center in New London, CT. His paintings are included in the UNICEF collection and the National Academy of Fine and Performing Arts in Bangladesh.

Melding the beauty of naturalistic representation with the expressive elements of abstraction, Sunil Howlader creates his own rich style with spiritual undercurrents and cultural influences.  Howlader uses a diverse assortment of media from oil and acrylic paints to pastels on paper to create a light filled color palette that is characterized by sophisticated washes of translucent hues. Negating the presence of bold brushstrokes with these expenses of blended colors, Howlader deftly transitions between the realms of representation and abstraction within a single piece. Howlader’s color choices carry weighty significance with many hues carrying symbolic meaning. Following the gradation of color across the surface, the eye moves from bright white, signifying the future, to the dark cool tones, representing the past.  

Howlader currently lives in Mystic, Connecticut.