YoAhn Han is a Korean painter based in Boston whose work is a visual dialogue between suppression and desire, a duality which speaks to both his experience of cerebral arteriovenous malformation and to his bifurcated cultural identity.  

He received his MFA 2D at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and obtained a Bachelors of Fine Art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). YoAhn's work has been shown internationally, in the United States, South Korea, and the Netherlands. Recent solo shows include "Metamorphic Desire" at Essex Art center (Jan, 2018), "My Princess, Bari" at ARTMORA Gallery in New York,  "Alluring Confinement" at the Artlery 160 in Boston, and 매혹적 가두어짐 (Enchanting Box) in Seoul, Korea. His work has also been exhibited in several group shows including "Summer Palette" at Chase Young Gallery in Boston, Seventh Juried Exhibition at Prince Street Gallery in New York, ART BLOSSM Exhibition at ARTMORA NJ, and Sanqtuary at Distillery Gallery in Boston.

Yo Ahn has also participated in the annual MassArt Auctions and the 2016 Busan international Art fair. 

Artist Statement:

I live between identities. Bound by Confucianism and Christianity, my hands cut into materials to show the exquisite space that I inhabit—an environment that simultaneously invites one to consider desire and uncertainty while also resisting sleekness. I am talking about seeing skin deep as a sensation not just a surface. This exaggerated perspective, the privileging of bodily awareness over reasoning, directs my obsessions with the body's internal and external beauty. Its abjectness and also its splendor. 

In my studio, I marry laborious, repetitive excision work, the cutting away of forms within forms, with color applications that rely on the slow metamorphosis of a wet surface turning dry. The ordinary drying of the painted material results in something sublime, referencing bodily shapes that are not quite identifiable. The production of work at rates that transition from fast to slow, from thoughtful to instinctive, of bringing together meanings and ideas from different places, allow my paintings to serve as record of my “in-between” identity.